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Updated: Jul 30, 2020

A little about me - Jill Hirst BCCSDip.DogBhv - IMDT


  • IMDT - Fully Qualified / Assessed Member of the IMDT - passed with Distinction

  • Diploma in Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

  • SOCS (School of Canine Science) - 30 days of Canine Science attendance

  • SOCS (School of Canine Science) - S46 (Scent studied for 6 months) a member of the WSDA World Scent Dog Association - 2020

  • SOCS (School of Canine Science) - Nutrition & Behaviour

  • SOCS (School of Canine Science) - Fear

  • Dr Isla Fishburn - The Complete Canine wellness

  • IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) - Career as a Dog Trainer

  • IMDT - Perfect Puppy foundation

  • IMDT - Abnormal and Repetitive Behaviours

  • IMDT - Separation Anxiety and related behaviours

  • IMDT - The loss of a pet bereavement

  • IMDT - Thoughtful Enrichment

  • IMDT - Canine Aggression and Rehab

  • IMDT - Red flag behaviours - Canine emotional health

  • IMDT - Dogs and Kids

  • Canine First Aid and CPR certificate

  • Fully Insured

  • COVID-19 - Compliant

And - One of my proudest achievements..

- Founder of Barka Lounge Doggy Daycare - ‘Where the Hip Hounds hang...’

A new wave of dog training is last.

I am a Force Free trainer. A dog behaviour specialist using positive reward based non aversive, no pain no fear training techniques.

You will find many dog trainers out there, some qualified, some not.

What’s important is finding one with an understanding of the scientifically proven methods that work.

Methods that have been researched and tested.

I’m not here to judge you, I’m here to help you.

Each dog is a unique personality, with unique behaviours, lifestyles, beliefs and understandings of the big wide world. No different to us.

What helps in the dog training world is if you work with a trainer who has that understanding, the right education and training, the right tools, is non judgemental and it also helps if they have sense of humour.

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