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I'm Jill owner of Amora dog training. I have over 14 years of experience to share with you.

Having created from scratch and owned my own doggy daycare, however now I am now loving my full time training business. Amora dog training.

Blessed to have worked with all breeds, ages and temperaments my passion is my current niche - PUPPIES. 


Supporting owners to get this right from the 'get go' is vital, supporting you through those teething and adolescence periods and helping you train foundation obedience and important life skills.


Your puppies nutrition, training, enrichment, mental health and emotional well being means the world to me. 

I have studied extensively many dog training topics, and attained lots of qualifications, I have lots of experience in canine body language, separation anxiety, children and dogs, scent work, puppy classes, aggression, canine cognitive dysfunction and lots more - trust me you are in safe hands!

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My Qualifications........and why you are in safe hands...

·    IMDT - Fully Qualified / Assessed Member of the IMDT - passed with Distinction

·    Diploma in Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

·    SOCS (School of Canine Science) – 3 year Behaviour Studies started July 2021 – July 2024 this covered:

(the domestication & evolution of the dog, genetics, neurobiology, endocrinology, physiology, cognition &

emotion of a dog, sociology, behaviour modification, separation anxiety, resource guarding, dog to human

aggression, dog to dog aggression, predation and compulsive behaviours)

·    SOCS (School of Canine Science) - 30 days of Canine Science attendance

·    SOCS (School of Canine Science) - S46 (Scent studied for 6 months) a member of the

    WSDA World Scent Dog Association - 2020

·    SOCS (Puppy Lab)

·    SOCS (School of Canine Science) - Nutrition & Behaviour

·    SOCS (School of Canine Science) - Fear

·    Dr Isla Fishburn - The Complete Canine wellness

·    IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Trainers) - Career as a Dog Trainer

·    IMDT - Perfect Puppy foundation

·    IMDT - Abnormal and Repetitive Behaviours

·    IMDT - Separation Anxiety and related behaviours

·    IMDT - The loss of a pet bereavement

·    IMDT - Thoughtful Enrichment

·    IMDT - Canine Aggression and Rehab

·    IMDT - Red flag behaviours - Canine emotional health

·    IMDT - Dogs and Children

·    IMDT - Canine Adolescence​​

·    Canine First Aid and CPR certificate

·    Fully Insured


Please reach out ......

07715 923095

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