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April & Elmo - these 2 motivate me daily...

For all of the training and the dog understanding that I have, these two test me daily.....!

I would say April (The white one) - behaves consistently in a manner that I would like 90% of the time. Elmo (The brown one) - 95%.

Both have fantastic big personalities, both are very individual and beautifully unique.

They surprise me daily, and drive me to better understand their thoughts and feelings from their understanding of their environment. They test my patience, embarrass me sometimes, make me SUPER PROUD most of the time, they help me question how dogs perceive our crazy busy world...but I appreciate and love their uniqueness and individuality.

They are unique living souls and characters and EVERY day is precious.

April - Is a Diva, daddy’s princess and is super confident. She believes the world was made around her, is demanding, friendly, bossy and popular.

Elmo - was rehomed with us age 4. He is now age 9. He can very occasionally still show inconsistencies with his behaviour around dogs, men and anything out of the ordinary. But I am super proud how far he has come in the last 3 years (behaviour modification can take a long time! and I manage his environment as carefully as I can). He is shy, nervous in new surroundings, but popular with his friends he has confidence with, and a real gent.

As a Trainer I want to help and inspire people to be the best teacher and companion they can be. I want to help them identify what their dog is saying, feeling and thinking. Supporting my clients by sharing my knowledge and experience, not making them feel judged or belittled.

I like to keep it ‘real’ in that we are all human and dogs are dogs. We do not have control over everything and we do not live in a perfect world. Stuff happens – stuff that is sometimes beyond our control! our dogs are not robots, but living, feeling, constantly learning personalities that have good and bad days just like us.

In reality perfection is unlikely to ever be attained. One mistake or inappropriate behaviour does not make your dog a bad dog. I think we need to remember this sometimes.

I adore my dogs – In my household I literally sing songs to them about how wonderful, precious and awesome they are every day (I have given up being normal and just embraced the crazy).

I would do the last 10 years again in a heart beat...

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