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I can't wait to share my knowledge and experience with you, to help support you to have a wonderful relationship with your puppy, and assist you to gain the behaviours you would like your adult dog to go on and demonstrate.

We are also going to have lots of fun along the way....

Effective life long dog training is based on Force Free Positive Reward Based Strategies.


These are scientifically proven to work.


As we can't really argue with science!

Positive Strategies

- Two-way communication - Understanding - Trust - Respect of each other - Reward - Fun.

Not damaging 'old school' training, which is about:

​Negative Blame Strategies

- One-way communication - Aggression - Physical or Psychological Punishment - Mistrust - Dominance.

Call / Email or Message me to book your appointment:

or 07715 923095

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Email or WhatsApp to book -
07715 923095

Puppies - UNDER 12 months old

Choose from either:


  • 1. VIP training for those little VIP puppies out there who prefer that one to one personal training at their home - on subjects of your choice, at a time and a day to suit you.



  • 2. Puppy School Classes with no more than 4 or 5 puppies per class weekly sessions - for 7 weeks. These run Carleton in craven village hall (near Skipton) each week


Get in touch for the next available dates for 

Puppy School or to be added to the current waiting list ❤️

VIP X 4 home sessions - £250


Puppy school 7 week term - £150

Puppy Training
'one off's' - (prices may depend on age)  

At clients home - £75 - £100.00


Do you need some 'one off training' help with your puppy? 

One to one training with you


and your puppy. 

One off TRAINING session to help with training for behaviours such as:

  • Loose lead walking

  • Recall

  • Jumping up

  • Nutrition advice

  • Enrichment games

  • Choosing the right breed for your family and lifestyle

  • Pre Puppy arrival - puppy proof your home

  • Puppy toilet training

  • Puppy crate training


ONLINE - £42


ZOOM - £75 - £100


IMDT Grades (for existing clients only) - £75 - £90

Scent work workshops - £100 - for the 4 week duration


For existing clients only

There are also lots of hidden workshops such as Canine

First Aid / Dog Law / Mantrailing / Ready Steady Recall 


Plus, discounted rates for life & addition to a private clients

only Facebook group with lots of additional support

Video & PDF tutorials plus competitions with Prizes and more!

Come and join the Amora fun........!

Choose from either:


  • 1. ONLINE - 6 - week training class

  • 2. ZOOM one to one

  • 3. IMDT partnership grade 1-6 for existing clients only!

  • 4. Scent work workshops for existing clients only!



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‘’We have been amazed by the advice and support we received from Amora... Not only by the support plan that’s both accessible and informative but most importantly by the wonderful advice received from Jill Hirst who’s passion and love of dogs shines through and has made a real difference in our two dogs ..... Cannot recommend more highly of the business or Jill as a person’’

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